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Evian Flower Vase

20 May

HearthandmadeblogAwhile back, around Christmastime, I found these fantastic Christian Lacroix Evian bottles at Big Lots for $1 each. I did some research and found that each year Evian invites a different designer to create a bottle for them, and they release them around the holidays for a special edition Evian water bottle. The Evian bottles I was able to get ahold of are the 2008 Collector’s Edition, but there are some other great editions out there – so keep your eyes peeled!

Heart Hand Made CraftsI bought a bunch of them and had the intentions of auctioning them on eBay, but an unexpected move and a dozen projects later, I still have a few bottles around the house. Inspired by the gorgeous (and cheap) flowers I’ve been seeing every week at the Farmer’s Market, I found the perfect upcycled use for the bottle – an Evian Flower Vase! What a simple and different way to display flowers in the house.


What A Crock of Tofurky

12 May

Inspired by Trader Joe’s unpublished deal of the week; Tofurky $4.99 each. A pescetarian sucker for a stuffed hunk of tofu, I snatched up a pair of the featherless treats. Being lazy and pressed for time, I wanted to come up with something that would require minimal preparation and offer optimal tastiness. Deep fry? No. Boil? Ew. Crock pot?? Now you’re talking… (more…)

We are NOT Imposters…

10 May

This message is being made public in response to Marichelle’s (original owner of this domain) blog posting accusing my wife and I as attempting to impersonate her. We are doing no such thing and if you want to get to Marichelle’s heart handmade website which contains her archived postings please follow this link.

The full story should be clear in the folllowing comment which was made to Marichelle’s personal blog (not yet approved) can be viewed below:

greetings marichelle,

my wife (mandie) and i are the new webmasters of the domain name in question. please forgive this misunderstanding for your farewell post was fairly precise in stating that you had no intentions of using the domain to blog anymore. we have no malicious intent or mean any harm or foul play.

we will kindly do what is right and turn the domain over to your control for the costs which we incurred…we are not the type of people you are alluding to in your post and we do not understand why you wouldn’t contact us directly before making your negative assumptions in the form of a public slandering and accusations. mandie has made no attempt to pose as your being on the new website in place. i have no problem revealing that there a bit of non original content in the form of syndicating a few random blog’s postings. these blogs, which are being syndicated using rss, were randomly selected from the existing incoming back links in effect returning the gesture to the post source as well as attempting to build an aggregation of related content for the visitors while we developed the new infrastructure to create user submitted content. the syndicated posts are given credit and links back to their original sources and if someone has a problem with this then they can simply manage their rss feed content accordingly. (more…)