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Simple Elegant Classic Jewelry

30 Jun

Elegant and Classy? Definitely.

Simple? Definitely not.

Today’s featured crafter shows off the beads her dreams are made of, literally.

During the interview process, Larissa told us that the jewlery designs actually haunt her until she sits down to make them! If only we could all be so lucky to be haunted by such beautiful, inspiring, hand made art…

Brazilian Ecochic Accessories and Home Decor

29 Jun

Why are handmade crafts important to you?
Because each product is unique. Because the artisans (in our case, housewives trying to make a living, to improve their family’s budget) put all their creativity and dedication in each piece. And finally, because it’s beautiful!

Photographs of Complementary Juxtaposition

28 Jun

Philadelphia area artist Stephanie Ricci shares her craft with us, and discusses her preferences for the imperfect. Be sure to click on each of the images to see their full detail.

” Every true artist has been inspired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them, than by the concrete subject of the picture.” – Piet Mondrian

Whatever Idea Comes to Mind

28 Jun

Brittany McBride

Random Facts About You?

  • I am the only person I know who actually understands and likes LOST. I will be truly upset later this month when the show ends.
  • I believe in extraterrestrials. I hope to meet one before i die.
  • I plan on winning the lottery at some point in the near future. And when I am a multi- millionaire I will build a huge entirely eco-friendly house with solar powered moving sidewalks so that I may continue to be lazy whilst still owning a massive house.
  • My worst vacation ever was to Florida when I was 5. We lost our luggage, got stuck on a day-trip to the Bahamas due to a hurricane, I got heat stroke, was attacked by lizards wearing tuxedos, got an electric burn from a refrigerator and my parents lost me at Disney world(which wasn’t so bad!). Completely true story.


Repurposed Handmade Vintage Button Jewelry

27 Jun

Hey Cary Ann!

Thanks for submitting your amazing, unique and hand made button jewlery! Your appreciation for the intricacies of the simpler things in life, shines through in the beautiful ways you show off these often-overlooked blouse accessories. I will never look at a button the same way again.

Unique, Cheap, Handmade, Repurposed, Functional

26 Jun

Sarah Maccarelli

Random Facts About You?
I always wear socks inside out. I lived in Hawaii for four years. I don’t like writing about myself 🙂 I grew up wearing clothes that were made by my Grandmom.

What have you made recently?
I recently made a bag using fabric from a dress. First I made a pattern. I’m not that good at explaining the process. I just see something in my mind and then I make it.

What got you started crafting?
My Grandmom and Great Grandmom taught me how to crochet when I was 5. I made a chain that circled the entire house! The obession started there. Gradually my grandmom taught me how to sew and do beading.


Elegant, But Simple

25 Jun

“If you can’t find it, make it!”

These thoughtfully crafted hats submitted by Lenore make me wish it wasn’t summer…

I Do Love Bags!

24 Jun

Random Facts About You?
short and skinny. just back from indonesia, they are really artsy. love dull color, but all things ive created are really colorful. love takuya kimura.

What got you started crafting?
I love bag. I need bag. So, I make bags!

What is your source of inspiration?
My inspiration is the needs of others. Tell me what kind of bag you need, and I’ll create it.


Quirky Energy in Every Stitch

23 Jun

Kelsey Leib

Random Facts About You?
I can’t pick a favorite color. I always seem to change my mind every couple of months. I was raised vegetarian. At the age of 19 I tried a piece of pepperoni and haven’t looked back. I have a favorite of just about everything. Favorite old man with a cane walking out of McDonalds, favorite flamboyant techno dj, favorite man with epic beard . . . I have a fascination with language and cultures. Among the top on my list of places I will visit someday are Ghana, India, and Italy. (more…)

Eco-Friendly, Vintage Inspired

22 Jun


Random Facts About You?
* american expat * cheeseaholic * lover of cats * hermit

What have you made recently?
I generally start a new design by looking through my collection of vintage images. One will usually jump out and me and then I start playing with collage ideas. I tend to work on several designs at once, switching back and forth as different ideas pop into my head. Once I have completed a design, I print it on FSC-certified paper. FSC-certified means that the paper is made only from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and recycled wood or fiber. I then cut, score, and fold the paper for cards, or mount the image for prints. I also hand cut and assemble envelopes for my cards.