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Hand Printed, Victorian Inspired Illustration

31 Jul

Inspired by curiosities, victoriana, diagrams, maps and trompe-l’œil, each illustration Daley creates is 100% unique.

Cute, Tiny, Colourful, Random

29 Jul

Charms, trinkets and a hatred for clothing shopping.

Cute, Fun, Playful Photography

28 Jul

April is a coffee-addicted lover of pumpkins with a knack for photography.

Here’s an insider tip from one pumpkin spice latte lover to another – Starbucks will actually make this drink for you any time of year as long as they have the syrup (which they usually do). You’re welcome : )

Quirky, Colourful, Reclaimed

27 Jul

The legend goes that Katherine and Rebecca (the creatures of Honksville) first met in college where they studied art all those millions of honks years ago. Discovering they shared the same life long dream of designing and making dolls along with other curious creations to please the human race. They traveled to London to pursue their ambition. They soon found themselves lost and jobless in the city but after much idle chit chat and many many cups of tea, they came up with the idea of Honksville! EUREKA! They took some fabric to sew, ink to print and fluff for stuffing, and so the first Honksvilian was created and the rest as they say is history…


26 Jul

The word deft is defined as, “Quick and neat in action; skillful.” Ben means what he says when he describes his work using this single adjective. His work is deliberate, thoughtful and conversation-starting. Thanks for sharing your point of view with us, and causing us to spend way too much time contemplating whether or not triangles truly are our friends.

Hand-Made Cuteness

25 Jul

I am what you would call a “clean creative”…my first scrapbook had whole pages that where actually color coordinated and made out of sticky notes. I am in love with office supplies and I have all the highlighters in the world in order to make color coordinated labels, tags, cards, etc… My favorite drawing utensil of choice, a sharpie, Why? Because they make clean lines and that makes me happy! Simply put, a clean creative is what happens when you mix creativity with organization skills. That would be ME. I grew up with two very “clean creative” parents who have always inspired me to write, draw, paint…. dream. Scuttle is the byproduct of their influence, My husbands constant support & mad web design skills and of course my aunt who gave her the nickname Scuttle many years ago.

Fabulous Accessories for Everyday Glamour

24 Jul

Leanne has a vacuum that cries when its turned off, and is on a mission to find the most expensive gin and tonic in the World. We completely agree that handmaking something for yourself is the perfect way to accentuate your personal style and stand out from the crowd.

Earthy Urban Fun Texture Organic

23 Jul

In her featured crafter interview Lucy said, “Thank you for supporting the handmade community and making people’s dreams come true.”

You’re welcome – it’s people like you that make this site worthwhile!

We’re thankful that you’ve chosen to make these beautiful crafts while putting your dream job of becoming a mahout (an elephant care-taker/trainer) on temporary hold. Maybe you can figure out a way to incorporate arts and crafts into the training sessions??

Create a Bit of Everything

22 Jul

Well Claire, you may think your story is boring, but we love the art that has come out of it! Keep up the hand crafted goodness, and give the ladybugs a break every once in awhile.

Make You a Smile

21 Jul

“I am inspired by anything I see in our life. Animals, best friends, fresh produce, bakeries and so on. Just about anything that appears in our life can be inspring.”

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