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10 May

This message is being made public in response to Marichelle’s (original owner of this domain) blog posting accusing my wife and I as attempting to impersonate her. We are doing no such thing and if you want to get to Marichelle’s heart handmade website which contains her archived postings please follow this link.

The full story should be clear in the folllowing comment which was made to Marichelle’s personal blog (not yet approved) can be viewed below:

greetings marichelle,

my wife (mandie) and i are the new webmasters of the domain name in question. please forgive this misunderstanding for your farewell post was fairly precise in stating that you had no intentions of using the domain to blog anymore. we have no malicious intent or mean any harm or foul play.

we will kindly do what is right and turn the domain over to your control for the costs which we incurred…we are not the type of people you are alluding to in your post and we do not understand why you wouldn’t contact us directly before making your negative assumptions in the form of a public slandering and accusations. mandie has made no attempt to pose as your being on the new website in place. i have no problem revealing that there a bit of non original content in the form of syndicating a few random blog’s postings. these blogs, which are being syndicated using rss, were randomly selected from the existing incoming back links in effect returning the gesture to the post source as well as attempting to build an aggregation of related content for the visitors while we developed the new infrastructure to create user submitted content. the syndicated posts are given credit and links back to their original sources and if someone has a problem with this then they can simply manage their rss feed content accordingly.

our decision to purchase the domain was simply based on the fact that the domain had many back links. my wife, and many people whom we consider friends, are very interested in the same subject matter heart handmade blog deals with.  it would have been downright foolish to let the links die, or fall into disingenuous hands. handmade creation infused with love and devotion is obviously not a concept which you created.  however, it should be noted that, you did put a considerable amount of energy into your blog and this domain name had been built upon these underlying principles. for this reason it was only logical for us to leverage something with integrity as well as existing momentum and your domain matched our criteria.

it is quite common for domains to be allowed to expire by those who are tired of administering them for their hobby when other things in life take precedence. as far as the tagline duplication goes – i had researched the procedure for transitioning a domain to a new server with similar content, and the title is of strong importance. as i mentioned already this is a common occurrence and there is nothing unethical about this whatsoever. it is also known that google (the primary game in town) factors the whois data into their ranking algorithms, and this always reveals when a website has changed hands.

mandie and i have been through much in this lifetime and we stand proudly in the light of truth not the shadows (even though, ironically, mandie has a funny shadow image of herself wearing an old man sun hat as her picture in the “about heart handmade” section of the site) of falsehoods. we have nothing to hide and as such we are free beings of this world, not enslaved by fear or guilt.

as i already mentioned the resource is yours if you would like the resource transferred back to your control. we plan to accommodate you, marichelle, without any malice or negativity. with that said, a compensation for the costs of our energy which we incurred in the form of currency will be required for you to regain control of said resource. the cost is approximately $750 usd, which has been invested and which we can provide documentation of. we do not seek to profit from your work maliciously, however, the fact remains that we did incur considerable costs in the domain auction, caused by the competition for the expiring domain (there were 14 other people bidding for ownership of the domain in the auction). the way it appeared to us, the resource had been discarded, and there exists publicly documented record of your intentions, in the form of a farewell posting.

since i have the technology and skills available, i can also offer you the option for us to assign a 301 permanent redirect (this will update google’s records of the content changing domains and thus forward all page ranking to your new hearthandmade domain) to links directed to specific posts which people have intended to link to. i can also host your archived content verbatim as you have intended it to be viewed if your intentions of blogging were strictly as a social “hobby” and not for ranking in search engines to build a future online business. if you should choose either of these options we will still need to be compensated since the product which we purchased will be devalued by doing so.

i have yet another option should you be interested – you are also welcome to join our husband wife team to take on the role as chief editor of the new hhb website which we are building the structure for now. we could give you full creative control of it as well as the ability to contribute old or new content and or invite others to contribute at your digression in addition to hosting your archived content. i am quite versed in building on the blogs and communities on the wordpress platform with my own infrastructure using the most powerful open source software available. the main advantage to this is maintaining complete freedom to implement any features which the imagination can conjure for example a robust social platform with ecommerce capabilities for the members of the new site (think facebook meets etsy/ebay). should this be of interest you can view some of our other recent work at our recently created website design and seo company. my skills include graphic design, php development, seo/sem, network engineering, voip engineering, system engineering, and knowledge of many pieces of open source software and technology practices. my wife is an excellent copy writer and is also a wordpress system administration wizard in training, with quite a few niche information resources published under her belt. each niche subject we had strong personal experiences with before creating the resources in an effort to educate and inform others including a well known timeshare information resource based on our own las vegas timeshare nightmare experience, as well as another popular resource which we created when our dog, tucker, had his canine cruciate injury.

please note – i only mention our websites because it is hard for us to explain our personal lives without mentioning a website since they have been so closely integrated with our daily lives and experiences. my intentions are not to plug advertising into this post, but to prove that we are genuine and sincere and its provable with whois information of those domains and quite a few others. we like to transmute the negative experiences into positive ones and perhaps this is an instance which we could use synergy to benefit all parties involved in heart handmade blog

warmest regards,
damian & mandie

“if you judge people you have no time to love them” – mother teresa

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