HeartHandmadeBlog accepts advertisers related to arts, crafts and arts and crafts events.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn about the advertising opportunities that exists here on Heart Handmade Blog! The goal of Heart Handmade Blog is to become a resource for artisans, consumers, web surfers and anyone else interested in handmade crafts. We want to make sure each crafter has a voice, and to highlight them and their craft. With so many crafting blogs on the internet it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. gives advertisers an unique opportunity to be featured on a highly ranked niche blog catering to crafters.

Where does the money go?

The money I make from advertising sales helps to pay for hosting costs, giveaways, and the time I put into making sure each crafter has an opportunity to be featured on the website with a good looking profile page.

Type Of Audience:

Smart, funny and insanely attractive are the three most common adjectives used to describe the Heart Handmade Blog audience! Seriously though, our audience covers everyone from expert crafters to novice craftsman to non-crafting types looking to purchase handmade goods. All are welcomed and an important part of Heart Handmade Blog. One thing our audience has in common is an appreciation for handmade, and the love put into every inch of a handcrafted piece.

Brief Overview of Our Stats:

Pagerank: 4/10
Pageviews: receives on average between 35,000-39,000 pageviews per month.
Visits: This site has an average visitor total per month between 18,000 to 22,000.
Visitors: HeartHandmadeBlog has on average between 600 and 800 visitors per day.

Currently, there are three different ways to advertise on

  • 300×250 Sidebar Square / $150.00 per month (30 days) – This advertising zone is located in the right hand side bar above the page fold. This is an exclusive advertising location (on a first come first serve basis), and your ad will be shown on each page impression for 30 days.
  • 728×90 Top Leaderboard / $150.00 per month (30 days) – This advertising zone is located horizontally across each page on the site. This location gives you optimal visibility to all visitors to the site, and your ad will be shown on every third page impression. This advertising spot is not exclusive, and your ad will be shown in a rotation of 2 other ads (three advertisers will be rotated at any given time). This ad displays prominently at the top of each page on the site.
  • 125×125 Sidebar Button / $50.00 per month (30 days) – This advertising zone is located within the sidebar on the right-hand side of the site, and shows up on every page. The ad is displayed for 30 days. The ad locations are shuffled randomly with each page impression, but you will show up somewhere in the 6 available spots on every page impression.

Heart Handmade Blog Adspace Layout:

For clarification on the location of an advertisement see the above advertising layout image.

HeartHandmadeBlog Advertising

Please fill out this form to begin advertising on

After you complete the form you will be emailed an invoice via PayPal. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

If it's been longer than 2 days and you aren't seeing your ads, click here to contact me.
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Payment Information:

Before payment is accepted, the advertising campaign must be approved . If your content is not directly related to arts, crafts or a topic regularly covered on this website we reserve the right to deny the application for advertising.

Advertising plans are handled via Paypal. At the beginning of each 30 day period the advertiser will be sent an invoice and given the option to continue with the ad. Prices are subject to review at the end of each 30 day period. If you wish to lock in a price you may purchase up to 12 months up front for the current price.

To inquire about other advertisement opportunities available, or any other questions, please contact me directly.