Holiday Illustrations by Nidhi

5 Dec

A Heart Handmade Blog Holiday Featurette

Girl with Santa Hat and Penguin

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Gosh, its hard to pick one! For Diwali (an Indian festival) its definitely the lighting of diyas/candles. You light them at night and place them around and outside your house, it makes the whole night feel magical.

Celebrating Christmas with my husband’s family, I’ve experienced a lot of new things, and in the beginning I was very confused by stockings! Now, I love them. I love stuffing my husband’s stocking with thoughtful and surprising gifts.

How did you get started doing holiday crafts?

I enjoy the holidays, the seasonal changes and all the imagery during this time of year. It inspires me to create wintery and fun art.

How is your holiday crafting different than “regular” crafts you do?

I’m drawing more penguins, that’s for sure! I think its similar, its really the content that makes it different… characters, settings, snow everywhere!

What was your inspiration behind the “Sipping Hot Chocolate” piece?

Sipping Hot ChocolateI am often inspired by curiosity… When I drew my sipping chocolate image, I imagined myself as a little girl in my living room, tuning the world out and escaping into the snow. Oh, but I wasn’t alone… a soft and curious young bear had come to steal a sip (or two) of my cocoa!

I felt particularly happy with this image because it felt organic and captured the feeling I had inside me…

Why handmade?

I love supporting small, handmade, and local. For me, its about supporting a creative community and inspiring people to pursue something different and be happy.

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  1. Barbra@CollageIdeas 06. Dec, 2011 at 1:11 am #

    I love this post about handmade holiday crafts. It makes the occasion even especial because of the personalized craft made for special people in our lives. I am excited to work on mine too, thanks I found a great side to give me ideas.

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