Easy DIY Skirt Tutorial

30 Jan

Today’s skirt making tutorial is brought to you courtesy of one of my favorite people both in real life and the blog-o-sphere. Upcycler and hula hooper extraordinaire, Sarah Jordan, is going to show you how to craft using items you already have at home, and you’ll make it in record time.

When Sarah says easy, she means business. This skirt practically makes itself – if you know how to trace, you can make this skirt!


Less than 10 minutes using a sewing machine.


  • skirt to trace
  • stretch fabric (Sarah used one of her husband’s t-shirts)
  • needle and thread
  • scizzors
  • pins or a sharpie marker
  • sewing machine (optional)

Special Skills:

Sewing (by hand or machine)

How To:

About Sarah:

A professional makeup artist and hoop dancer by day, and avid crafter by night, Sarah Jordan is one creative lady.

When Sarah isn’t busy giving makeovers to her wardrobe, she enjoys rapping with her husband and cuddling with her dog.

Pay her a visit at The Beauty Circle for more easy, fun how-to’s and tips.

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