April Craft Giveaway

1 Apr

Who wants to be fooled when you can have freebies instead!

There is a lot to give away this month, so let’s get right to it. This month there will be TWO winners! One winner will receive 3 stacks of five one yard pieces of fabric from Waverly, a copy of Inspiritu Jewelry by Marie French and a custom, handmade bobblehead. The second winner will receive 2 stacks of five one yard pieces of fabric from Waverly and a custom, handmade bobblehead.

The Deadline to Enter Has Been Extended to Friday, April 8th 2011!

How Do I Enter?

There are 3 ways to enter (and yes, each person may enter up to 3 times) – details on how are below. Good luck and remember, sharing is caring. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, you get the idea…


Sew Awesome

To celebrate their new direction with the Modern Essentials collection, Waverly is graciously giving away over $500 in fabric from their new line to two lucky Heart Handmade Blog readers! One winner will receive 3 stacks of five one yard pieces (worth $100/stack) and the second winner will receive 2 stacks of five one yard pieces! Imagine the possibilities…

These fabrics are truly a unique variety of classic motifs designed for 21st century style. The collection offers three distinct looks – a playful, ethnic group, a spa inspired group and a take on the more traditional florals with Asian aesthetic and tone. The color palette ranges from earthenware and saturated jewel tones to crisper, warmer fruit punch tones and serene, aquatic colors. All are on cotton sateen with a nice calendar finish.

I have some fabric from their new line just waiting to be made into ottoman covers, and I have to say – this stuff is pretty amazing! Bold and bright, yet elegant with straight lines, geometric design and large motifs that each draw focus and make a statement without overdoing it. If you are not the fortunate winner, don’t fret, you can find this new line at Joann Fabrics starting in mid April 2011.


More Than Just Jewelry Making 101

Finally, a jewelry making book that covers more than just twisting wire and stringing beads! I’m really, really excited to give away one copy of Inspiritu Jewelry by Marie French.

In addition to being a great resource for inspiration and instruction on creating unique pieces, it teaches you how to craft each piece with the intention to heal. Whether you enjoy making earrings, bracelets, necklaces or are just starting out, this book can help you start creating beautiful jewelry that benefits your mind, body and soul.


Bob Your Head

Yes, now just like Dwight Schrute, you too can have a bobblehead created in your likeness! And that’s not even the best part – these are HANDMADE, custom bobbleheads by 1MINIME!

Each piece is fully handmade and customizable upon request; they don’t use any computer printing software to ensure the product’s originality. There are about 500 different models available on the website to choose from, plus one category where the customer can choose his own clothes and positions.


There are three EASY ways to enter:

1) Leave a comment below telling me how you’d use one of the giveaway items.
2) Mention the giveaway with a link to this post on Twitter. You can use this short link if you wish: http://bit.ly/gzOvIH Don’t forget to /cc @hhandmadeblog so I see the entry and count it!
3) Sign up for the Heart Handmade Blog newsletter – if you’re already subscribed, you are already entered!

All entries must be received by 12 pm PST on Sunday, 4/3/11 12 pm PST on FRIDAY, 4/8/11! That evening I’ll take all the Commenters, Twitterers and Newsletter Subscribers, plug them into a handy dandy spreadsheet and use the random number generator to pick two winners. Winners will be notified via email within 24 hours after the contest ends.

A big THANK YOU to our April Giveaway Sponsors!

Please visit their websites directly using the links below:


Inspiritu Jewelry


Comments are now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared!

59 Responses to “April Craft Giveaway”

  1. Sarah 07. Apr, 2011 at 7:57 am #

    The Waverly fabric would mesh perfectly with my new bright blue hued ottomans. Beautifully chic.

  2. Yvette 07. Apr, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    I really dig those new Waverly fabrics. The prints are beautiful!

  3. steph anne 07. Apr, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I’d love to win the fabrics from Waverly and frame them and hang them up in my hallway. I’m in desire to make my walls pop and I believe these cute fabrics will do it!

  4. Anelisse 07. Apr, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    I do hope I would get the fabrics so that I can do some quilting with them.

  5. Katherine A 08. Apr, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    I would make some chic cushions for my very drab sofa.

  6. Kat 08. Apr, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    Recently, I’ve kind of found myself in an extreme financial decline… The only reason I’m not homeless is because my roommate Linny and boyfriend Billy have been beyond willing to help me bear my hardships. I can’t afford to buy them gifts to say thank you, but I KNOW I could make something perfect for them. Linny is addicted to handbags and I just happen to make some pretty neat ones, and Billy LOVES stuffed animals. I would use the fabrics to make them each completely custom one-of-a-kind pieces that I hope will at least give them an inkling of how grateful I am for their support.

  7. candy poole 08. Apr, 2011 at 8:21 am #

    with the waverly fabrics, i would cover sturdy cardboard boxes w/ lids to make memory boxes for all the girls in my family..from 90 year old mom to 6 month old newest niece.

  8. Sharon Thompson 08. Apr, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    I love the fabrics by Waverly and would use them to make stuffed bunny, chick and owl toys and to make pillows. I would bring the fabrics to open craft night at Etsy labs in Brooklyn. I would donate the stuffed animals to children in need.

  9. Julie E 08. Apr, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    The fabrics are lovely. I love it all. So cheerful and fun. I actually am just beginning to figure out how to sew and I am loving it. I spend hours looking at fabric like I used to books in the library when I was a child. I want to sew and sew and sew.