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2 Oct

Inspired by plants, lichens and crystals, Jennifer Morris got started crafting as a result of a teenage addiction to W magazine (because, as she puts it, “No normal teenager can afford anything in that mag“).

She’s totally revamped her indie inspired jewelry line, and I’m happy to show it off to you all! The raddest part? Not only can you admire these eclectic vial necklaces like the moustache necklace and vampire fangs, you can also win one to adorn your swan-like neck.

How can you win a handmade glass vial necklace for yourself?

Simple. All you need to do is visit bumblesea – link is below – and follow the easy peasy instructions on entering the contest.

Click here to visit bumblesea, browse around, pick your favorite necklace (the prize should really be for picking just ONE to love!) and enter the contest.

Good luck to all you Heart Handmade Blog readers! I think for my pick I’m going to go paper jellyfish – just because it would be a great accompaniment to my great white shark t-shirt.

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