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15 Aug

First, I need to apologize to Kate for how long it’s taken me to feature Mayu on the site. She’s been so patient throughout the process, and it’s not surprising to see how many happy customers she has across the globe.

Second, Kate has brought it to my attention that some other people out there may have been having some difficulties using the “Get Featured” form on the site. If you’ve tried to submit your handcrafted jewelry, clothing, food, knitted Star Wars hats, etc. and haven’t seen it up on the site yet – go ahead and Contact Me to see what’s going on. This site is about you, for you, and if you’ve taken the time to submit your information and have yet to see it, PLEASE let me know so we can get you featured.

Now onto the good stuff… Handmade and Hand Knit Apaca clothing and accessories!!

About Kate:

1. could live on cherries, cheese, dark chocolate and ethiopian food

2. have a passion for mexican ranchera music

3. have only knit 2 scarves in my life and one hat. ironically, have very little knitting abilities

4. worked with refugees for 2.5 years. people from bhutan, burma, iraq, somalia, dr congo, burundi and more…

Mayu – “Where Style and Social Responsibility Go Hand in Hand”

Now, for those of you (like myself) that consider themselves to be animal rights advocates, the idea of supporting the use of Alpaca fiber seems counter intuitive. After reading through the information on the Mayu website and doing a litle independent research of my own, I’ve come to realize that when compassionate practices are undertaken the use of Alpaca fibers to make accessories and clothing is completely humane.

Below is a video made by Kate that explains a bit more about the qualities of Alpaca fiber.

Hypoallergenic, warm without being heavy and eco-friendly – I am definitely going to need to stock up on these for my next San Diego winter!!

Now to decide between the Eyelet Hoodie and the Rayas Hoodie… Decisions, decisions.

Hand Knit Alpaca SweaterHandmade Alpaca Clothes from Peru

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