Gems, Minerals and Beads – Oh My!

18 Aug

Ok, so I’m sure you have heard of these super gem-stravaganzas that are only open to “special” people. Well, the JOGS Show is not that type of event. Coming up this fall (September 8-11) in Tucson, Arizona, JOGS is open to EVERYONE!

How Do I Get In?

Tucson Arizona J.O.G.S. Exhibition

To get into the JOGS gem, mineral and jewelry show all you need to do is visit their website at and print passes for a buyers badge. With your super fancy buyers badge you’ll be able to enter the show and take advantage of the deals usually only available to wholesalers and other privileged gem world figureheads. There will be exhibitors from all over the world providing a variety of gems from turquoise to amber, and everything in between.

The timing of this show is pretty darn perfect for any crafter looking for holiday gift ideas. As for the prices, I’m told they have a wide variety of options available from ultra-exclusive high end pieces to wholesale lots.

Don’t know how to make jewelry?

The J.O.G.S. Show also offers classes for attendees to learn how to create jewelry with the gems purchased at the event! Now you have absolutely no excuse not to attend…

Dates: September 8-11, 2010
Location: 3750 E. Irvington Road, Tucson, AZ 85714 | Tucson Expo Center Tucson, AZ

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