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Color + Clothes = My Hand Painted Clothes

30 May

Color + Clothes = My Hand Painted Clothes

I focus mainly on handpainted t-shiths. Everything is hand painted with a brush. I am using the traditional way for creating unique and different products.

Cat Inspired Prints and Gifts

18 Jun

Cat Inspired Prints and Gifts

I think that the mass produced products will always lack the heart, soul and uniqueness that the handmade creations embody.

Screenprinted by Hand

3 Mar

Screenprinted by Hand

Being creatives professionally we love seeing products that come from the artist/designer directly. We feel it has more heart and soul to it and you know that even though you just got it yourself – the item already has a long history behind it. It hasn’t just been spat out one end of a factory along with thousands of other just like it.

Mademoiselle VG Tees from Italy

6 Aug

Mademoiselle VG is a name that encompasses the entire brand philosophy: Mademoiselle because the lines and moods that characterize our creations often evoke a female figure fine and coy; she loves to wear something unique and exclusive.

Quirky, Colourful, Reclaimed

27 Jul

The legend goes that Katherine and Rebecca (the creatures of Honksville) first met in college where they studied art all those millions of honks years ago. Discovering they shared the same life long dream of designing and making dolls along with other curious creations to please the human race. They traveled to London to pursue their ambition. They soon found themselves lost and jobless in the city but after much idle chit chat and many many cups of tea, they came up with the idea of Honksville! EUREKA! They took some fabric to sew, ink to print and fluff for stuffing, and so the first Honksvilian was created and the rest as they say is history…


26 Jul

The word deft is defined as, “Quick and neat in action; skillful.” Ben means what he says when he describes his work using this single adjective. His work is deliberate, thoughtful and conversation-starting. Thanks for sharing your point of view with us, and causing us to spend way too much time contemplating whether or not triangles truly are our friends.

PopLove’s Eco-Chic Recycled Fashions

10 Jul

We love PopLove!

Are you ready to start wearing fashionable, sustainable clothing that doesn’t make you look like you belong in the gym?