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26 Jun

Sarah Maccarelli

Random Facts About You?
I always wear socks inside out. I lived in Hawaii for four years. I don’t like writing about myself 🙂 I grew up wearing clothes that were made by my Grandmom.

What have you made recently?
I recently made a bag using fabric from a dress. First I made a pattern. I’m not that good at explaining the process. I just see something in my mind and then I make it.

What got you started crafting?
My Grandmom and Great Grandmom taught me how to crochet when I was 5. I made a chain that circled the entire house! The obession started there. Gradually my grandmom taught me how to sew and do beading.

What is your source of inspiration?
I get inspired by nature, colors, art, flowers, food. Pretty much everything.

Where do you sell your crafts presently?
I sell on Etsy, at craft fairs, to friends and family.

Why are handmade crafts important to you?
Supporting crafters keeps the tradition alive and is better than buying from a big corporation.

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